Caring For Your Crystal Lighting

Cleaning crystal is an important part of maintaining the sparkle of the fixture for years to come. There are several cleaning methods for cleaning a Swarovski Lighting fixture.

For all methods, the first step is turn off the power to the product.

Once powered off, locate your trim diagram in case crystal has to be removed or becomes dislodged while cleaning. Place something soft like a blanket or towel under the fixture in case any crystal is displaced, which may help prevent the crystal from breaking or becoming damaged if it should fall.

Method 1

The first cleaning method is a quick dust with a lambswool or feather duster. Do this every few months to allow a longer timeframe between deep cleanings.

Method 2

The last recommended method is the crystal removal method. Remove the crystal from the fixture and wash in lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Rinse and dry the crystal and place back on the fixture.

These cleaning methods are the only recommended cleaning instructions for your fixture. We do not recommend over the counter cleaning agents as those could possible damage the crystal or the finish of the fixture.