New Arrivals 2017

Swarovski Lighting will reveal sparkling new Swarovski and Schonbek lighting creations at Lightovation, June 21 – 24, 2017

 Illuminating Atmospheres

Estrella by Swarovski


Dionia casts a radiant line of light from the inside out through a square crystalline structure. Dionia is punctuated with bold faceted prisms along every side, giving substance and form to its slim and elegant silhouette.


Triangular crystals embedded in a lustrous metal dome are the highlight of Estrella as they shine in star-like pattern upon the surface below. Gathered in multiples, Estrella transforms areas with a balance of form and art.

Solaris by Swarovski


Selene is inspired by the ever-changing shapes of clouds in the sky. The pendant intertwines within itself and is height adjustable for an endless amount of interior design combinations, limited only by one’s imagination. Swarovski prisms reflect the light in a myriad of patterns that are at once bold, dramatic and brilliant.


Industrial in look, Solarius is a unique design of inner metal circles paired with beautiful ornate crystals suspended from within the shape. Solarius can be hung as desired at different heights so that gravity transforms this light fixture into a unique art piece.

Trimini by Swarovski

Turns by Swarovski


A sleek and graceful triangular shape incorporates smoothly gleaming metal and vibrant Swarovski crystals. Trimini’s simple design lends itself to a multitude of compositions of sparkling light when installed in multiples as the focal point of a room.


Angular crystal prisms light beams downwards in Turns, focusing its sparkle into an imaginative geometry of light rays. Turn's modern styling adds a unique twist to 21st century d.cor.


Radiant Pieces of Elegance




Stylized lotus blossoms lend graceful charm to Florabella, a collection whose details epitomize the best of Schonbek’s mastery of lighting design. Bejeweled chains create elegant stems that cradle tiny metal floral blooms enunciated with crystal centers. Larger blossoms highlighting the frame and crown are metal worked and hand finished in harmoniously tinted nuances that set off the design of the fixtures. Florabella is a symbol of beauty, strength, and grace befitting its inspiration, the lotus blossom.


Skillfully executed modernist design defines the Collection, for lighting that is balanced and beautiful. Simple arms convey elegance and serenity as they move outward in a gentle modern twist, anchored by sleek glass bobeches and minimal crystal ornamentation. In a departure from traditional chandelier design, ornate detailing is absent, allowing function to dictate a form whose focus falls on the simple palette of high-quality materials.


The Emilea chandelier offers a look that combines the best of both worlds. Emilea has a classic, cast arm structure interspersed with crystal accents for a modern and sleek look, and is a subtly elegant design perfect for today’s interiors.


Circular forms and the smooth, polished surfaces of the Art Deco movement inspired the graceful Gwynn chandelier. Swirling curves, cut from hand-finished metal, are centered by large crystal octagons yielding rainbows of spectral light for the ultimate expression of understated sophistication and grace.


 Plus extensions to popular families BAGATELLE, ECLYPTIX, REFRAXSARELLA, and VESCA.

These radiant pieces of elegance and opulence are inspired by Schonbek's rich European heritage and longstanding tradition of chandelier-making, and are sure to illuminate for generations to come.